Ministry with Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Visually communicating the truth of God’s word and the good news of Jesus

We are live streaming our services. The 11:00 AM service will have live ASL interpreting.  There will be a time of music, the message, and after the service is done, we will welcome everyone to turn their cameras on and say, "Hello!"
Email us at info@graceroadchurch.org for the Zoom link.

Ministry with Deaf and Hard of Hearing

“With” not “to” - we believe the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHoH) community is created by God  (Exodus 4:11) with unique gifts and talents to spread the love of Christ and the Good News of His death, burial, and resurrection to friends, families, and the world.  

We envision a strong, healthy, dynamic community of visual communicators who will:

  • Love Jesus and His Good News
  • Know, understand, and love the Bible
  • Lead within the DHoH community and beyond
  • Serve families, the church, and neighbors

We believe each individual’s true identity is found in Christ.  You are invited to check out this growing group of passionate Christ followers.  

Due to Covid, our services are not being interpreted in person currently. We do record an ASL video every week. It can be found in the sermon link on the media page.