“Constantly looking back to the cross”

You know that favorite song that you just can’t seem to get out of your head? The one you can’t stop singing? The one you blast loudly on repeat in your car, then blast loudly in your house? The one you innately learn every word to, and quickly becomes your “anthem song?” That’s what we want the gospel to be to our students.

The vision of Rewind is to create an environment for teens that makes much of Jesus and constantly revisits what was accomplished for them on the cross. Our desire is to help students realize the work that was done there, and the fact we weren’t worthy of it, in hopes that it so impacts the students, that it changes their way of thinking and living as believers, reminding them that we are all examples of GRACE.

With this in mind, we can begin to love, serve, and show others grace. Not only because we’re told to, but because when we look back at what Christ did for us when we weren’t worthy, we realize we don’t have the right not to.

To connect with us, please send us an email here (rewind@graceroadchurch.org)


Our youth group meets every week, on Monday and Wednesday nights! We have two locations, and it is open to kids ages 6th-12th grade. For more info, please email Rewind@graceroadchurch.org