The Gospel of Jesus is is the center of our worship services. We strive to push the gospel into all of the corners of our worship services to feed Gospel belief in those present.

We want the Sunday experience to be crafted so that the truths of the Gospel thrill us, comfort us, empower us, and even disturb us in ways they didn’t before. We want our services, in all of their elements, to shout the Gospel.

We want faith in Jesus to be sparked and deepened as we gather each week. We expect that repentance of sin and faith in Jesus will be the fruit of Gospel-centered worship services.

Our hope is that our services will encourage a community of Christians that speak and live for Christ with grace and thoughtfulness, and influence our region for good by putting the gospel of Christ at the center of all that is cherished and taught.

The goal of the worship services at Grace Road is to create a central gathering point for the entire church, where we:

– are reminded of and instructed in the truths of the Gospel.
– respond to the truths of the Gospel in song, prayer, communion, baptism, and fellowship.
– are encouraged to deepen our faith the Gospel, involvement in community and mission.
– present worship songs that, as they are remembered, continue to build gospel-faith throughout the week.

For more information regarding our music ministry contact: Jay Werzinger